Chicago community schools show how long-term investments can yield lasting results

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are home to more than 322,000 students who attend 635 schools. In its nearly 200-year-long history, Chicago’s schools have faced segregation, fiscal crises, and calls for “real equity.” In order to make strides in supporting student success, CPS has invested in the community schools strategy to connect the dots among community … Read more

Online Or Back On Campus – How Business Schools Are Offering The Best Of Both Worlds

4 Easy Ways to Start Investing With 100 or Less

Exec Ed participants now expect “sophisticated blended elements using many of the technologies that … [+] became everyday learning tools during the pandemic.” Russell Miller, Director of Learning Solutions – Imperial College Business School ©jo mieszkowski photographer 2021, all rights reserved. “It wasn’t just the buffet lunches.” For Russell Miller, Director of Learning Solutions and … Read more

Hohe Ambitionen, während die Raumfahrtprogramme der Business Schools starten

Hohe Ambitionen wahrend die Raumfahrtprogramme der Business Schools starten

Der Weltraum war traditionell kein Ziel, um leckeres Essen zu genießen. Ohne die Schwerkraft, die dabei hilft, ihre Nebenhöhlen zu reinigen, haben Astronauten einen abgestumpften Geschmackssinn. Aber bei BI Norwegische Business School in Oslo arbeiten Carlos Velasco, außerordentlicher Professor für Marketing, und Kollegen daran, appetitlichere Mahlzeiten für Raumfahrer zu entwickeln. „Der Weltraum hat meine Fantasie … Read more

How Business Schools Destroyed Silicon Valley, are Destroying America, and Could Destroy our Planet

Marcos ladt kambodschanische Wirtschaftsfuhrer ein auf den Philippinen zu investieren

“Oh we, like sheep, have gone astray, -ay”“Every one to his own way.” — Handel’s Messiah This holiday season, Americans can give thanks that our democracy seems to have survived, if only temporarily, and if only by the skin of its teeth. But where are we headed? There is general agreement that our nation is in … Read more

How Can Schools Turn Out Better Thinkers and Workers? Top U.S. Companies Have Ideas

How Can Schools Turn Out Better Thinkers and Workers Top

Workers inherently know that problem-solving skills are critical for their success on the job. But rapid advances in technology, shifting economic challenges, and evolving knowledge about how people learn are adding new ideas and perspectives about where and how problem-solving skills are or should be acquired. A quick review of K-12 curriculum trends throughout the … Read more