Learning From Buffett About Investing In Railroads: The BNSF Case Study

Learning From Buffett About Investing In Railroads The BNSF Case

Smederevac Introduction When I started playing Monopoly, I soon realized how powerful railroads were. I then found out the Days of Wonder board game called Ticket to Ride, where I usually play with the North American map. Here I learned how vital certain railroad tracks are compared to others. For sure, these two aspects made … Read more

Your Retirement And Annuities: Investing And Funding – ValueWalk

The promise of lifetime income from annuities has been around for centuries dating back to Ancient Rome. Originally, annuities were just simple instruments that guaranteed a steady stream of income. But, things got more complicated as the years went by. For instance, in the late 1980s, variable annuities became popular when mutual fund subaccounts promised … Read more

Investing In Food Innovation And Agricultural Technology

Investing In Food Innovation And Agricultural Technology

Charday Penn/E+ via Getty Images By Jeff Spiegel THE NEXT FOOD REVOLUTION Lab-to-table for a healthier future Food innovation and AgTech solutions can bridge the food production and consumption gap, while combatting climate change and food insecurity. Unsustainable production and consumption practices have pushed global food systems to the brink. Global food production failed to … Read more

Alibaba And Tencent: Can Value Investing Work In China? (BABA) (TCEHY)

Alibaba And Tencent Can Value Investing Work In China BABA

Adam Yee/iStock Editorial via Getty Images Thesis There seems to be little disagreement among bulls and bears that both Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA) and Tencent Holdings (OTCPK:TCEHY) are firmly in value territory. The following two charts provide a quick summary of their key valuation and profitability metrics. I think it is reasonable to benchmark BABA against … Read more

Insider Selling Explained: Can it Inform Your Investing Choices?

Insider Selling Explained Can it Inform Your Investing Choices

Insider selling occurs in three general steps:  A director, officer or executive (CEOs, CFOs or COOs) knows information about the company they work for, which is not publicly available.  The officer or director then sells shares of the company stock based on the information they know based on their position with the company.  As a … Read more

ESG Investing: почему инвесторам необходимо добавить элемент устойчивости в свои портфели

Blijf liquide spreid investeringen in beleggingsfondsen na elke stijging

Представьте себе мир, в котором вы могли бы инвестировать свои деньги в портфель, который не только приносит хорошую прибыль, но и оказывает долгосрочное положительное влияние на общество и окружающую среду. Инвестиции, которые приносят пользу обществу, не жертвуя прибылью. Разве это не беспроигрышный вариант? Вот где на помощь приходит устойчивое инвестирование. Устойчивое инвестирование — это инвестиционная … Read more

ESG Investing with Carbon Credits – What Investors Need To Know

ESG Investing with Carbon Credits What Investors Need To

Reducing carbon emissions is one of the most critical issues facing individuals and governments today. This is evident through a focus on ESG investing while governments create a cost through carbon credits to account for climate impact. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. Within investing, it refers to investors considering these factors in companies … Read more

Investing in Europe’s future

Investing in Europes future

From housing to the energy transition, the world is facing challenges that demand innovative solutions.  And private investment can play a big role. The world’s largest alternative asset manager, Blackstone, doesn’t just look for sound investments, it identifies and invests in the industries of the future to help build a stronger Europe. This in turns … Read more

Gen Z: Here’s the Case For — and Against — Investing In Meme Stocks

2022 MBA om naar te kijken Aysan Rafiei Boston College

The meme stock investment craze has exploded in recent years thanks to a number of factors, from commission-free trading apps to the rise of investment message boards to the influx of younger investors. And while a great amount of wealth has been created for some, many others have suffered tremendous losses by dipping their toes … Read more

How to Get Rich Investing in Stocks (Now’s a Good Time to Start)

How to Get Rich Investing in Stocks Nows a Good

The stock market is not a casino. That’s at least partly because casinos actually have fixed odds. When you play a single number in roulette, for example, your odds of winning are 37-1. If you play blackjack using basic strategy, you should over time lose only about 51% of the time. Even slot machines have … Read more