Alpha Cubed Investments LLC Increases Holdings in ASML Holding, Signaling Confidence in Semiconductor Industry

Alpha Cubed Investments LLC, a California-based investment management firm, recently made headlines for increasing its holdings in ASML Holding by 33.5%. According to recent filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), Alpha Cubed now owns 29,541 shares of the semiconductor company’s stock, valued at $16,141,000. This marks a significant increase from their previous holdings.

ASML Holding NV is a globally recognized leader in the development and production of advanced semiconductor equipment systems. Their products include lithography, metrology, and inspection systems that are used in the manufacturing of microchips and other electronic components. With operations across Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and the United States – they cater to some of the world’s most innovative technology companies.

In January 2021, ASML released impressive quarterly earnings results that beat market expectations. The semiconductor company recorded earnings per share (EPS) of $4.70 for Q4 2020 – surpassing analyst predictions of $4.62 by $0.08. Additionally, ASML reported a net margin of 28.46% and a return on equity of 74.34%, signaling strong financial health.

Given Alpha Cubed’s recent increase in holdings paired with positive earnings reports from ASML Holding NV – it is evident that both parties believe there is considerable upside potential for investing in this brand within the semiconductor industry.

As digital transformation continues to accelerate across all sectors worldwide – trends for increased demand for semiconductors remain strong as chip use expands to more niches beyond traditional electronics industries such as automotive applications or healthcare devices like pacemakers or implants.

For investors seeking opportunities within high-tech ventures like semiconductors – it’s crucial to do thorough research before making any investment decisions – evaluate performance data , review industry trend research papers from reputable sources and work with trusted financial advisors. While Alpha Cubed Investments move signals confidence in ASML Holding, analysts would recommend a similar level of scrutiny and caution to individual investors before committing to new investments.

ASML Holding NV: A Strong Technical and Fundamental Analysis

ASML Holding NV: The Technical And Fundamentals Analysis

ASML, a Dutch company in the semiconductor industry that manufactures advanced lithography, metrology and inspection systems that are used by leading technology companies, has been gaining significant attention among hedge funds and other institutional investors. Orion Portfolio Solutions, Thomas J. Herzfeld Advisors, Verdence Capital Advisors, Keudell Morrison Wealth Management, and Penobscot Investment Management Company have raised their holdings in ASML by 4.0%, 15.6%,1.6%, 3.0% and 2.7% respectively.

With shares of ASML opening at $673 on Monday, the company’s stock is up significantly over its one-year low of $363.15 and is within range of its 52-week high at $698.59 with a market capitalization of $265.56 billion.

Fundamental analysts show big developments for the semiconductor giant as it prepares to offer higher dividends to shareholders with premium products increasingly being adopted by major players in the industry.

Technically too, the firm appears strong with a price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) of 41.56 coupled with a P/E to Growth ratio (PEG) of 1.11 which indicates that ASML’s earnings growth is expected to be ahead of the market average growth rate.

According to data from provided by referees from Sanford C Bernstien & Co., an independent equity research firm covering many industries including semiconductors; three analysts have designated a ‘hold’ rating while fourteen have conferred buy ratings on ASML stock resulting in an average rating of “moderate buy” for this tech giant.

Analysts at Barclays recommended an “equal weight” rating for the stock while highlighted a “buy” recommendation shortly after its coverage period began earlier this year.In their latest analysis report released on January 26th this year JP Morgan Chase & Co. revised its target price for ASML’s stock giving it an “overweight” rating. Argus gave a similar assessment, stating that the stock was a “buy” and raised their target price from $590 to $775.

Investors should note that ASML has been deemed moderately risky with a beta of 1.46 which implies that the stock’s rate of change is above the overall market across all sectors, so traders should exercise caution when investing in this high-performance technology company.

To conclude, both fundamental and technical analysis give confidence to investors considering ASML as a long-term investment option thereby bolstering their portfolio returns.

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Alpha Cubed Investments LLC Increases Holdings in ASML Holding, Signaling Confidence in Semiconductor Industry

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