Allspring Global Investments Increases Stake in Aerospace Industry Leader Leidos Holdings, Inc.

Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC recently increased its stake in Leidos Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:LDOS) by 4.0% during the fourth quarter, according to its most recent disclosure with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The fund owned 492,634 shares of the aerospace company’s stock after purchasing an additional 18,836 shares.

Moreover, Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC owned 0.36% of Leidos worth $51,820,000 as of its most recent filing with the SEC. Leidos provides services and solutions in the defense, intelligence, civil and health markets through its Defense Solutions, Civil, and Health segments.

Leidos had a net margin of 4.76% and a return on equity of 22.01%. The business reported $1.83 earnings per share for the quarter and had revenue of $3.70 billion compared to the consensus estimate of $3.62 billion.

Leidos has been performing well over the past few years due to its focus on digital modernization initiatives and innovation in C4ISR technologies that include command, control, computers, communication systems; furthermore it provides intelligence analysis services along with logistics support services. They’ve also channeled their resources into civil society-related initiatives and work in healthcare systems creating room for both social impact-oriented action as well as governmental collaboration.

In conclusion,&Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC’s decision to raise their stake in Leidos demonstrates a growing confidence in this major player in aerospace industry; this move positions Allspring Global Investments as one of the biggest shareholders while adding some much-needed poundage investing prowess into meaningful sustainable development projects with far-reaching potential dividends including enrichment opportunities sponsoring career growth pursuits fueled by cutting-edge technological accomplishments leveraging government investment initiatives at all levels local communities inclusive projected future growth is highly anticipated especially considering what lies ahead in terms an expected disruption leading up-to – followed closely thereafter by commercial missile technology developments on the forefront of incredible discoveries revealing the sheer endless potential proffered by technology advancements over time.

Investor Positions in Leidos Holdings Inc. Shift Amidst Target Price Reductions

In recent months, a number of large investors have either added or reduced their stakes in Leidos Holdings Inc. The California-based aerospace company has seen its share price rise over the past year, with its stock reaching a 12-month high of $111.12. However, with shares opening at $92.06 on Friday and seeing a decline in target price from research analysts, some investors are beginning to adjust their positions.

For example, First Republic Investment Management Inc. increased its stake by 0.4% over Q3 2017, now owning $2,061,000 worth of shares after purchasing an additional 99 shares. Meanwhile, Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators grew its position in Leidos by 8% during Q3 2017, now possessing $120,000 worth of shares after purchasing an additional 102 shares.

Despite these seemingly minimal changes in shareholder positions, the actions of institutional investors cannot be underestimated as they currently own 75.74% of the company’s stock.

Leidos Holdings Inc provides services and solutions across multiple markets such as defense and health via three segments; Defense Solutions, Civil and Health. Its Defense Solutions segment covers pieces of modernization for digital deliveries: software analytics; intelligence analysis systems; C4ISR technologies and services; space systems solutions; missions support and logistics services; transformative software; maritime solutions alongside weapons systems.

Furthermore, Leidos recently announced a quarterly dividend which was paid on March 31st to shareholders who held record on March 15th – this represented an annualized dividend of $1.44 with a yield of 1.56%.

Additionally whilst Leidos’ stock-price appreciation was notable last year amongst institutional shareholders alike resulting in ratings such as “buy” it seems that moving into mid-Q2 combined with internal factors present at the firm specifically debt-to-equity ratio being up-scaled set-off some negative motions meaning that the stock’s rating was lowered to “hold” – this caused a substantial decline in the target price set by research analysts. Citigroup reduced it from $130.00 to $124.00 while Wells Fargo & Company cut theirs to $103.00 from $114.00.

Currently, five equities research analysts have rated the stock as “hold” versus only three who consider it a “buy”. Based on analysis from Bloomberg, Leidos’ stock has been given an average rating of “Hold” and a target price of $111.13; reflecting both optimism and caution surrounding its future growth prospects.

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Allspring Global Investments Increases Stake in Aerospace Industry Leader Leidos Holdings, Inc.

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