Russell Investments Group Ltd. Reduces Stake in Territorial Bancorp Inc.: What’s Next for the Little Bank from Hawaii?

In a recent development, it was revealed that Russell Investments Group Ltd. had reduced its stake in Territorial Bancorp Inc. by a staggering 16.6% during the fourth quarter of the last financial year. The news has ruffled quite a few feathers in the financial services industry and warrants closer inspection.

Territorial Bancorp, popularly known as “the little bank from Hawaii,” is the parent company of Territorial Savings Bank, which provides bespoke financial services to individuals, families, and businesses located in Hawaii. Its core business model revolves around accepting deposits from its customers and utilizing those funds to invest in one- to four-family residential mortgage loans and investment securities.

As per the most recent 13F filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission, Russell Investments Group Ltd.’s fund owned a total of 49,062 shares of Territorial Bancorp’s stock before selling 9,757 shares by the end of Q4 FY2020. Therefore, it owned only 0.54% of Territorial Bancorp’s entity worth $1,178,000 at the close of Q4 FY20.

Despite having an impressive portfolio of services for clients engaged in buying or refinancing their homes or investing their life savings for wealth creation opportunities;Territorial Bancorp Inc.’s hurdle lies in its current market standing amidst stiff competition from bigger competitors.

Territorial Bancorp’s stock opened on Thursday this week at $11.46 while its markets saw fluctuating numbers between $9.57 and $25.50 respectively over the past year alone. As per reports, The company holds a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.97 along with a quick ratio and current ratio both standing at 0.82 accordingly.The stock has a beta of 0.53 among many other intricacies such as having a P/E ratio at 7:39 among others.

Territorial Bancorp’s 50-day simple moving average currently stands at $16.23, whereas its 200-day simple moving average currently is $20.65. All these numbers present a curious case for the investors and would attract more attention from the smart-money players who could either attempt to take-over or slash the business altogether.

The financial services industry, like many others, is experiencing significant churn with the ongoing global pandemic. Hence, making strategic investment decisions based on precise data will become an absolute necessity for firms with high stakes in this domain. It “begs the question as to how much of Russell Investments Group Ltd.’s move was influenced by a rising fear index around money market low liquidity situation due to economic shrinkage amid Covid-19” – one senior analyst commented anonymously when approached by our news team.

In conclusion, Territorial Bancorp’s current market standing might be facing tough times ahead unless it devises a robust plan to navigate through turbulent times and scale up innovations while simultaneously ensuring steady revenues that position it as a player worth contending within its market standing; if not willing to face dire consequences that may well thrust them into critical times given their precarious position in today’s aggressively competitive marketplace – only time will tell what comes next for this venerable banking enterprise.

Territorial Bancorp: Recent Changes in Ownership and Investment Outlook

Territorial Bancorp has made recent headlines with regards to changes in the ownership of its shares by various institutional investors. In particular, Alliancebernstein L.P., Brandywine Global Investment Management LLC, White Pine Capital LLC, Fourthstone LLC and State Street Corp have all bought additional shares in the financial services provider’s stock. These firms are now among a group of institutions that own more than 43% of Territorial Bancorp’s stock.

Recently, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods lowered their price objective for Territorial Bancorp from $26 to $25 per share. Meanwhile, has initiated coverage of the company with a “sell” rating.

Furthermore, Territorial Bancorp recently announced a quarterly dividend payment of $0.23 per share on May 25th. Shareholders of record on May 11th will be eligible for this payment, resulting in an annualized dividend payout ratio of over 59%.

These events all paint a picture of the current state and future outlook for Territorial Bancorp. The increased ownership by institutional investors reveals confidence in the company’s financial potential, while analyst opinions are mixed concerning its value as an investment. However, the company’s dividend yield indicates its commitment to rewarding shareholders and maintaining stability in uncertain markets.

Overall, it is clear that Territorial Bancorp is navigating through challenging times and is making moves to ensure a strong future for itself and its shareholders. Investors should continue to monitor developments regarding these events and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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Russell Investments Group Ltd. Reduces Stake in Territorial Bancorp Inc.: What’s Next for the Little Bank from Hawaii?

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