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Online payday loans can come to the rescue when you face unexpected expenses. There is no telling when a financial crisis such as a medical emergency or car trouble may arise. If you have no means of meeting such emergencies, you should consider online payday loans. These are short-term loans you will need to repay as soon as possible. Moreover, applying for them online makes the process easier and faster.

Having bad credit means you may not get the right kind of loan in an emergency. Poor credit scores make it difficult to qualify for loans on most platforms like banks. But they do not rule out your chances altogether. There are a few companies that genuinely want to help you. They facilitate online payday loans to cater to your emergencies. However, finding the right one can also be daunting. Not every payday lender will have the perfect deal for you.

Additionally, there is a chance that some are only interested in hurting your finances for their benefit. So we thought we should give our expert opinion on where to find online payday loans. We will also provide a buying guide to help choose the right company from a host of them.

We identified the top four companies that provide an impressive experience to customers. Companies like these provide loans from state, tribal, and other reputable payday lenders. In a short time, they can provide multiple loan offers. Before you make a final decision, you will get a chance to review their terms.

List of Sites for Online Payday Loans:

  1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Site for Online Payday Loans, Editor’s Choice
  2. BadCreditLoans: Easy Loan Approval for Bad Credit Loans
  3. RadCred: Multiple Direct Lenders for Same Day Loans
  4. CashUSA: Most Recommended Site for Getting Payday Loans Online
  5. Personal Loans: Popular Site for Getting Personal Loans Instantly

#1.MoneyMutual – Overall Best for Online Payday Loans, Editor’s Choice

MoneyMutual is a loan marketplace that offers short-term loans. The company’s goal is to help people get online payday loans without fuss. However, MoneyMutual is not a loan company; instead, it is an online platform where people can borrow money from various companies. MoneyMutual provides online payday loans by looking through multiple sources for the best lenders available. Then the platform matches you with them based on your needs.

MoneyMutual actively provides loans to over two million users in the United States. The company requires no credit score to give you access to loans. Moreover, its transparent practices make it one of the most trusted platforms for online payday loans. Additionally, the company has impressive feedback from its customers. It has also gained recognition and positive reviews from experts.

After applying for a loan on MoneyMutual, the company shares your requests with its partners. The third-party lenders then propose their deals. These deals include interest rates, fees, and repayment terms. You can compare the deals and pick the best choice for you. Also, most of MoneyMutual’s partners accept bad credits. So they can curate the best deal for customers, regardless of their credit scores.


Cost-Free Loans: Among the services MoneyMutual offers is zero-cost online payday loans. The company gives you loans ranging from $200 to $5000 without charging a dime for the process. Furthermore, MoneyMutual takes no upfront fees or registration fees, and it also has no hidden charges.

Lending Marketplace for Wide Options: MoneyMutual is an online marketplace where lenders and borrowers can connect. This website provides access to various loan options to any borrower who needs financial assistance. Please note that MoneyMutual does not lend you money on its own, but it sources reliable lenders that offer the best deals. That way, it promises you online payday loans from the best creditors in the US.

Easy Application Process: Applying for online payday loans on MoneyMutual is easy. You simply complete an application form and submit it within five minutes. The online forms are easy to use, and there is no need to fax any documents. Also, since the site provides an easy user interface, you should not have any trouble filling out your forms.

After completing your application, MoneyMutual sends your application to suitable lenders. It takes about 24 hours or less to get an update on your loan application. Then MoneyMutual links you to the lender’s website once your application is successful.

Security: Money Mutual guarantees 100% reliability when protecting your privacy. The company wants its clients to feel safe and confident. It uses 256-bit encryption technology to secure your details. So the personal details you submit during the application are secure. The company only shares your information with its trusted third-party lenders.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Money Mutual


  • Short and easy application
  • Free to access lenders
  • Wide range of deals
  • 24-hour approval
  • Online payday loans for bad credit
  • Easy-to-navigate website


  • Unavailable in New York and Connecticut

#2. BadCreditLoans – Easy Loan Approval for Bad Credit Loans


BadCreditLoans is based in Nevada, but the company provides online payday loans nationwide. The company works to provide people with various types of loans like instant payday loan, installment loans etc. These also include loans that are not usually given to bad credit customers.

BadCreditLoans connects people to lenders that help them get bad credit loans. The company offers several loan options for people who need money quickly. Furthermore, the application process is simple, and the loan process is fast. The company is in partnership with state and Tribal lenders in the US.

Credit histories are a big problem when looking for loans. Sometimes, a poor credit score does not affect the loan process. However, it may affect the offers you get with higher APRs. BadCreditLoans solves this problem with its partners. It assures clients that it can find lenders without back-breaking interest rates.

BadCreditLoans’ website provides quick access to online payday loans. Furthermore, there are also other features it provides. The website is rich in credit-related information, so before deciding on a deal, you can read the blogs to learn more about making sound financial decisions.


Up to $10,000 Online Payday Loans: BadCreditLoans offers loans up to $10,000. It comes with various interest rates and payment plans that may vary by lender. The lenders decide the APR and how much time you have to repay the loan. But with BadCreditLoans, APRs usually do not exceed 35.99%. Moreover, you get different offers from lenders. So you can choose the best deal for you.

Three-Step Application: Getting loans is very easy using BadCreditLoans. You begin by filling out a short application form. The company then uses the information you submit to propose offers. Next, you can review all the offers the company gives you and choose one that is most suitable for your needs. You might just find an offer that is perfect for your need, and you will receive your money in as little as 24 hours.

Bad Credit Online Payday Loans: A good credit score is not a requirement to access loans on BadCreditLoans. The company encourages people with bad credit scores to apply. They only need to meet a few requirements. The first requirement is that they must be 18 years old. Also, they must be citizens or residents of the US. They must also have social security numbers. Additionally, the company requires that they have a stable income. A checking account and a home and work telephone number are also necessary.

Transparency: BadCreditLoans offers online payday loans without registration or application charges. Also, there are no hidden charges. The company is transparent with its practices, so you should have no fear of paying any money to access loan deals.

Additionally, the company keeps clients’ data safe as its secure website is fully encrypted. BadCreditLoans only share your information with lenders.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Bad Credit Loans


  • Requires no registration fee
  • 24-hour loan approval
  • Access to a variety of loan deals
  • Available for bad credit clients
  • Secure database


  • Requires a lot of personal details

#3. RadCred: Multiple Direct Lenders for Same Day Loans



RadCred acts as the lender to the borrower to make it easier for the borrower to make a decision for short term loans and can pay back the lenders once they receive their monthly paycheck.


  1. RadCred makes sure that the amount is reached to the borrower in the next 24-48 hrs after applying without any hassle.

B. If you apply on a working day you may even get the money on the same day as applied.

C. All the crucial information is encrypted and not disclosed to anyone.

D. Offers free service to the customers without any initial fees.


  • Crucial data is encrypted
  • Provides leniency in repayment and can be rescheduled
  • Easy and convenient process without being charged any initial fee.


  • The amount of loans is dependent on the lender
  • Monthly payments

Customer Reviews:

The website has quite impressive reviews on their websites. Since it is a well established and reputed company this service provider is well trusted among customers.

Click here to get started with RadCred

#4. CashUSA – Most Recommended Site for Getting Payday Loans Online


CashUSA is an online platform offering online payday loans. It connects borrowers to lenders using a network of credit unions and other financial institutions. CashUSA is one of the biggest companies providing loans without requiring your credit score.

The company provides a service that helps people borrow money quickly and easily. It offers opportunities to take online payday loans from state and Tribal lenders. The website features an online form you must fill out so your application can be sent off to the company’s lending partners. Applications are free, and there are no hidden fees. The company connects you to third-party lenders through its extensive network. Also, you get online payday loans, even with low credit scores.

CashUSA requires your social security number to get started. You also need to provide your zip code. Furthermore, you should have evidence of employment or any other source of income. The company also requires that you have a net income of at least $1000. In addition, you need to be a citizen or resident of the US. You should also be over 18 and have a checking account. Lastly, you must provide your home or work phone number.


Online Payday Loans from $500 to $10,000: With, your chances of getting approved for online payday loans are high. You can get up to $10,000. Plus, the APR is between 5.99% to 35.99%. The company partners with state and Tribal lenders. Although tribal lenders may charge a higher interest rate than traditional lenders, CashUSA does match borrowers with the lowest rate possible.

Instant Feedback on Application Status: CashUSA gives you instant feedback on your application. You will not have to wait hours or days to know your loan status. The process is fast-paced and straightforward. The company assesses your details and immediately sends your loan request to its partners when you apply. Within minutes, you start receiving loan offers. Moreover, you do not have to respond to offers immediately. You can take your time to evaluate your options and choose your best deal.

Free Guide on Credits and Finances: CashUSA offers educational resources about financial services as it has an educational center on its website. The educational center answers many questions you may have about loans. There are blogs about finance, credits, banking, debt management, and more. You can access this information free of cost.

Safe, Secure, and Confidential: CashUSA uses industry-standard encryption to ensure your data is kept safe. Your personal information is accessible only by the company and its third-party lenders. Furthermore, CashUSA does not require a guarantor. So no one has to know your information or details.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


  • Easy application process
  • Multiple online payday loans options
  • Quick response on loan status
  • Guaranteed security and confidentiality
  • Offers bad-credit loans
  • Impressive customer service


  • Requires a valid checking account

#5. PersonalLoans – Popular Site for Getting Personal Loans Instantly


PersonalLoans is another online marketplace offering a variety of loans. The company’s online payday loans are accessible to borrowers with good or bad credit histories. The online lender marketplace allows borrowers to get a loan for various purposes, including home improvements, debt consolidation, and medical treatment.

PersonalLoans help people with bad credit meet up with various expenses. Applying for a loan is as quick and straightforward on the PersonalLoans site. All applications are handled quickly and efficiently. Registration is quick and easy, and there are many options available for loans. The company sends your loan requests to its partners, who then offer you loan deals you can choose from.

However, you must be at least 18 and a resident of the US. You should also have your SSN ready. Furthermore, you must have the means to pay back the loan, so you need evidence of full-time employment or proof that you are self-employed. If you receive disability or social security benefits, you are also eligible for online payday loans.

PersonalLoans has a great reputation among customers because of its excellent customer service ratings. It has also received awards from the BBB. In addition, Trustpilot gives the company a score of 4.2 out of 5 stars.


Up to $35,000 Online Payday Loans: You can borrow from $1000 to $35,000 through Personal Loans. You will not have to go out looking for loans or banks. Registration and applications are free, and there are no hidden charges. Your cash is deposited into your bank account within 24 hours of application. Personal Loans have an APR of around 5.99% to 35.99%. But the actual APR depends on your loan agreement.

Zero Limits on Loan Use: Online payday loans from PersonalLoans have no usage limits. That is, you can take the loans to fund anything you wish. You can take them if you need money for an emergency. You can also use the loan for home improvement or auto purchases. It does not matter to the company if you use the loan for a business start-up or a vacation as long as you repay it on time.

Multiple Non-Loan Offers: Personal Loans offer great online payday loans. You can find the right deal to choose from with many offers available. But sometimes, the partners may be unable to offer you deals. Partners can turn your application down if you do not meet all the requirements. But Personal Loans will refer you to other companies that can offer you other non-loan options. These non-loan offers include debt relief, credit repair, and credit monitoring.

Secure Personal Details: PersonalLoans keep your personal information safe from third-party data collectors. The company ensures that you feel safe while applying for loans. Therefore, it uses advanced encryption to secure everything you submit on its website. Furthermore, the company only shares your data with its trusted partners. The partners need to access your details to find the right deal for you.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans


  • Quick and easy access to online payday loans
  • Borrow from $1000 to $35000
  • Offers multiple loan deals
  • Debt relief and credit repair services
  • Fully encrypted website
  • Excellent customer service


  • Late payment history not accepted
  • No loans for recent bankruptcy

How We Made This List of the Best Online Payday Loan Companies

This article lists the best companies and websites to use when applying for online payday loans. We understand that many online companies are offering quick loans. But some of them stand out from the crowd. Additionally, we also believe that you should get your loans only from trustworthy companies. Some are not out there to relieve you of your financial burdens; instead, they want to make quick bucks off other people. But some platforms provide you with the best places to find great loan deals.

To be considered an excellent company, we made a list of the lending platforms available and evaluated them against our standards. We checked for multiple factors, including customer satisfaction, security, charges, and more.

What We Looked For

  • Customer Satisfaction: We started our ranking by reading customer feedback. The feedback helped us know how customers feel about the companies we assessed. The information we gathered allowed us to understand customers’ expectations better. It also helps us identify the companies that meet those expectations. Then we used that information to make informed decisions about our ranking.
  • Customer Support: We looked for companies that provide 24/7 customer support. Customer support is vital when seeking online payday loans. This ensures that potential clients get answers to all their questions. It also helps the clients to navigate the process and make no mistakes.
  • Accessibility: The best online payday loans have easy application forms and quick approval times. Online loan companies use the internet to do business. So no physical presence is required. Also, clients do not need to fax their documents. Therefore, we chose companies with higher accessibility. Clients can get approval just by filling out a few short questions online. In addition, even those with bad credit scores can get an offer and receive their money within 24 hours.
  • Privacy and Security: We reviewed each company’s website to know how secure they are. We wanted to understand how they protect customers’ personal information. The best companies for online payday loans use modern encryption technology to achieve privacy. They also take all the standard measures to protect the information clients submit during application.
  • Charges: Lastly, we selected companies that provide online payday loans and connect you with their partners for free. With our best picks, you will not need to pay anything to access loans.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Right Service for Online Payday Loans:

Online payday loans can be helpful for many financial situations. Undoubtedly, companies that offer such loans want to get the best out of the deals. But as a client, you deserve the best offers you can get. It is common to find companies offering online payday loans even to those with bad credit scores. However, it is crucial to consider other factors before deciding which company to approach to not fall prey to scammers. Here are some factors you need to consider before choosing an online payday loans platform.

Before deciding on a company for your online payday loans, you must know what type of company you want to work with. You should check out the company’s reputation and experience in providing loans to customers. It is also important to know how long a company has been operating. It would be best to read testimonials about the company you’re considering. This will give you an idea of what previous users think about them.

Online payday loans are meant to give quick financial relief during emergencies. Therefore, companies that provide such loans should be willing and able to release the funds as soon as possible. So when choosing a platform for your loan, consider how soon you can access the funds. The best platforms for online payday loans credit your account within 24 hours. If it is a weekend or holiday, it may take longer. But it is best to choose one of these companies with quick funding time.

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

APR includes all the money you have to pay back to the lender plus other charges. The other charges may include application fees, commitment charges, and closing costs. APRs are usually higher for borrowers with bad credit scores. But that varies by company and lender. The best online lending marketplaces do not charge for some things, hence lower APRs. Some do not require application fees. So find a sincere company with its APR and offers a low percentage rate. Avoid those with higher APRs and hidden charges.

An online payday loan application requires you to submit your details which also include sensitive financial information. So it is best to choose a company that guarantees the security of your information and ensures your privacy. Before choosing a company, check to see how they protect their website. The website must be encrypted to ensure security. The modern standard is the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. If a company’s website falls short of this standard, it is unsafe to trust it with sensitive data.

Online payday loan companies want to make sure clients will be able to repay them. Bad credit or not, lenders may consider many other things before lending someone money. Therefore, requirements may include income, debt experience, age restrictions, and residence. So study the requirements of the companies you are considering and choose the most favorable one for you.

You must make monthly payments to get out of debt. Companies can decide how long you have to repay your online payday loans. But it is best to decide how you want to pay the loans. You should be able to choose monthly, biweekly, weekly, or daily. Paying back your loan is easiest if you choose your payment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Payday Loans Online

Q1. What are online payday loans?

Payday loans are unsecured, low-interest loans. The borrower is expected to repay such loans within a few weeks or by the next payday. A payday loan is intended for urgent financial situations. These loans are often used to cover unexpected expenses such as medical bills or car repairs.

Online payday loans make it easier for people to access short-term loans quickly. They can request a loan online without visiting the bank or the financial company physically. Getting payday loans online speeds up the application process. It also helps lenders service more clients quicker. Furthermore, borrowers can access multiple loan deals quicker and choose the best deal.

Q2. Can I access online payday loans with a low credit score?

All the lending marketplace websites we reviewed allow borrowers to apply for loans regardless of their credit scores. However, their loan offers are usually very competitive with high-interest rates. These companies also permit applicants with bad or limited credit histories. Your credit score can affect the deal you get from them. However, companies in our top picks offer great deals, even for bad credit borrowers. As online loan marketplaces, they offer multiple deals. So you can assess your options and choose the most favorable deal for you. The process of applying is straightforward. Everything can be completed online.

Q3. Can I get online payday loans while unemployed?

Online payday loan companies usually require that you have a steady source of income. They mostly include a minimum amount in their requirement. So you need to have a source of income, even if you are unemployed. You must prove that there is a constant infusion of money into your account. It does not matter much where it comes from, as long as the source is legitimate. You can qualify for loans with student aid, alimony, and pension. You can also use rent receipts, child support, and government support. Most lenders will accept any form of proof that demonstrates how much you earn.

Q4. Do online payday loan companies check my credit score?

Like the ones in our review, lending marketplaces do not check your credit scores to process your loan requests. Even if they do, it would be a soft credit pull that will not affect your score. However, their partners can check your credit score. They need to know your credit history to find the best deal they can offer you. Accepting a loan deal from them can also affect your credit score. But they will offer you a deal regardless of bad credits. So this is a chance to improve your credit history by repaying promptly.

Q5. Will late payment affect my credit score?

Lenders report borrowers who have missed payments to the credit bureaus. Late repayment may not appear on the borrower’s credit history until after an extension period elapses. Then a late payment could cause the borrower’s credit score to drop. Lenders may extend the loan by offering an extension or deferral. However, these options come at a cost.

When you see that you cannot pay by the due dates, you should communicate with your lender. You may be able to ask them for an extension. You may have to go through several steps before getting an extension. However, there is always hope of getting the extension which might come at a cost.

Q6. Must I accept offers for online payday loans?

You are not obliged to accept payday loan offers. First, you need to carefully consider whether or not the payday loan offer is right for you. The deal you get may be expensive. The interest rate may also be too high. You can continue searching for better alternatives. Also, you can contact the lender to clarify some things about the offer. After careful consideration, you can turn down the offer at no cost.

Q7. Should I trust online payday loan companies?

The law accredits lending companies. You can trust them because financial transactions’ laws and regulations bind them. Unfortunately, many of these companies operating online can be scams, but there are equally many that are legit.

The loan companies we reviewed are 100% trustworthy. Their services are also top-notch. Your data remains private and secure. They only share with legal and legitimate lenders. Furthermore, they are registered and have received positive reviews.

Q8. Do online payday loans have any requirements?

Requirements for online payday loans vary by company. However, there is a general basis for eligibility. There is a high probability of having a successful loan application if you meet some basic requirements. This includes being an adult who works in the United States and lives in a house. You should be able to provide your home or work address.

Additionally, you should have both a phone number and an email account. A bank account is compulsory for most online lenders. After a successful application, you will receive your money in the account.

For most companies, you also need to be a US Citizen; additionally, a Residency Permit is also acceptable. Finally, you must meet a required minimum of net income. Some companies require $1000, but it also varies by lender.

Q9. How long does it take to receive online payday loans?

It usually takes a few minutes to complete an application process. You get instant feedback on your status and loan offers from lenders. You can review your offers immediately or take your time to pick the best. Once you accept your loan offer, you can expect to receive the fund. The best online payday loan companies credit your account within 24 hours during workdays.

Q10. How much interest should I expect on online payday loans?

The rate of interest on your loans can vary. Some credits do not have an APR associated with them. Others charge an additional fee if there are late payments. There may also be other charges attached to your loan. Usually, companies give APRs between 5% and 40%. This varies by lender and other variables in your application. Bad credit borrowers should expect higher APRs. This is because lenders consider the higher risks in getting their money back. Before signing a contract, be sure to understand all the terms.

Conclusion: Best Site for Same Day and Instant Payday Loans:

Online payday loans are great for people who need quick access to short-term loans. They allow you to borrow money from the comfort of your home. Even people with poor credit scores can access these loans. Online payday loans can be a last resort in times of emergency. You can access funds for medical bills or other financial responsibilities and pay them back with your next paycheck.

We’ve selected four reputable and trustworthy lenders who provide online payday loans. These are MoneyMutual, BadCreditLoans, CashUSA, and Personal Loans. These companies let you apply for online loans within minutes. Then they connect you to their large number of lenders. They partner with reputable lenders in the US and guarantee the best deals for you. Furthermore, their loan processing is hassle-free, and you get your fund within hours.

We have suggested the best platforms for online payday loans. But it is up to you to choose the best option for you. If you follow our buying guide, we are sure you will make sound financial decisions and slowly build up your credit scores as well.

You can also seek credit counseling regarding getting a payday loan online and online payday loan process.

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Best Sites to Get Online Payday Loans In 2022 | Top 5 Lending Companies to get Payday Loans Online With Guaranteed Approval | Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune

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